We Took Over The Laugh Factory

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You know, I'm so used to performing for strangers, that I'd forgotten how nerve racking it can be when you KNOW people in the audience! Yikes! But when the MC introduced me, the cheers and applause were so thunderous I felt like a rock star! I was only one of the comics on that night, but the ladies made me feel like I was the only one in the room. They could have done anything with their Saturday Night in the City and they came out to see me. (A risky proposition since comedy and what's funny is sooo subjective.) But like the Visa commercial touts -- priceless.

And thanks to Jack, the manager, we were able to get on stage after the show like we owned the joint and take pictures. It was a wonderful night!

Saturday Night Dinner @ Amy Ruth's

Well, if you've been reading everyone's blog, you've probably already seen most of these pictures from the G.R.I.T.S /Siserlocks trip to NY, but the more the merrier! I don't know when I've last had so much fun.

Now if you ask me how the actual food was, I couldn't really tell you. I was having so much fun, I didn't eat that much. I nibbled at my honey dipped chicken, collard greens and potato salad. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to go back!

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It was so wonderful to finally meet women in person who I feel like I already know. For me it started with LaChanda and Karen late Thursday night, Brunsli on Friday and then the group at large on Saturday. From the way we hugged, photographed, laughed, photographed, talked, photographed, hugged, photographed you'd of thought we'd all known each other from way back in the day!

A running theme of the gathering was how Sisterlocks look different on everybody! That's a beautiful thing! There was a healthy amount of lock envy/appreciation going on. I think the most often asked questions were:

1. How long have you had your locks?
2. How long does it take you to retighten them?
3. Do you do them yourself?
4. May I touch your hair?

Major kudos to Lynda who brought a goody bag filled with hair toys! GREAT THINKING!! I am loving my jeweled black cowrie shells!


Khamit Kinks

Brunsli and I hopped on the downtown number one train and headed down to Khamit Kinks, a natural hair care salon in the City. They had a few hair ornaments for sale and of course we couldn't resist. We even took a photo (top right) with the founder and owner, Anu Prestonia.

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Welcome to NY

Well, the Ladies from Dallas came and took New York by storm! I met up with LaChanda and Sister-In-Locks right in Times Square after The Color Purple and after my show at the Improv. We didn't get a picture of the three of us together because we were, after all, in Times Square. More photos to come....

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Where There's A Need

Whether natural or chemically treated, our hair, our crown is part of how the world sees us and how we see ourselves. It can be devastating to lose your hair due to illness.

There’s a wonderful new organization here in New York called Where There's A Need. Recently profiled in the New York Daily News series "Celebrating New Yorkers Who Make A Difference" (May 25, 2006):

"The Mission of Where There’s A Need Inc. is to support women & children who have cancer, and have experienced hair loss due to chemotherapy & radiation cancer treatment. The loss of hair can be extremely difficult, in particular for women & little girls."

I called and spoke with the founder, Cheryl James; a lovely woman who is anxious to get the word out about her organization. They "donate specially designed headwear, with attached hair, to cancer hospitals for their patients." And for a small fee will do a special order scarf. The goal of her organization is to, "boost the self-esteem of the cancer patients during a time of affliction and uncertainty."

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Consultant Update

My Consultant, the Fabulous Khumura, can now be reached @ 917-650-5544.


Wedding Hair....

Went to a wedding last weekend in Hot-lanta (Atlanta, GA). The heat sure makes it hard to keep a hairstyle, but I tried to work it anyway.

I curled my hair the night before on Soft Spike Curlers and wore an updo using a Bobby Stick. I accented with a flowered hair clip from Claire's. Yes, I know the store is really for adolescent girls, but there's some really cute hair stuff in there. The grown up version of Claire's is Icing. Same stuff, less acne.

I think the second picture shows the locks in better detail. I love updos but after a while they begin to give me a bit of headache. It's like my locks don't want to be on lock down. Because I only used the Bobby Stick and didn't sure it up with pins, I found myself tucking in stray locks that were trying to escape. At least once I had to take it down and redo do it all together. Thankfully it's rather easy.

Why did I even bother with an updo? Well, because of the dress. I can't take any credit for it. My Mom (The Catalog Queen) saw it one of her catalogs and thought it would be perfect me. I don't know when I've ever gotten so many compliments on an outfit. If I could find a reason to wear it everyday I would.
I would be remiss if I didn't include at least one photo from the wedding. At the reception this is my mom, the bride (my niece) and moi. The arm bracelet is from Claire's. Did I mention they have cute stuff? Posted by Picasa
The day after the wedding I had the pleasure of having lunch with one of my best friends from grammar school. She happened to catch me on a VH-1clip show, 40 Most Shocking Hair Moments, Googled me and two old friends are reunited!

Who says the internet isn't living up to it's potential?

I included this picture because you'd never know I had curled my locks just the day before! I don't know how you hot climate folks do it! Good thing Sisterlocks look good in all kinds of weather. :-) Posted by Picasa


Q&A: Tool, Lock Size, Color, Curls, Lint

Folks are asking questions faster than I can answer, but I'll try to keep up. I just hope I haven't missed anybody. First and foremost though, a big thanks to everyone who reads my blog! I am so very flattered by the e-mails and positive comments! I really do love having Sisterlocks and if I can help anybody a fraction as much as others have helped me then I'm happy!

Anonymous said... Which tool do you use when your hair gets that long. The one with the clip or the larger tool? I have had my SL only 16 months, I took the retightening class so I maintain my own hair. I have shoulder length SL's but was wondering what to use when it gets to a longer length?
I don't know if there's any correlation between length of hair and what tool you use. For me it's what ever tool is most comfy for ya. I never learned how to use the hook tool, but I still use the clip for the tiny locks around my hair line. My tool of choice, however, is the Nappy Locs tool. LaChanda has a great post with a photo on her blog and a review of the various tools.

Tra said... Hey Leighann, I was browsing your blog "as usual" and I was wondering if your loc size is Micro SL's vs. Standard, etc.? from that pic above they seem to be.
I think on the SL scale they're a combination of micro and small.

Anonymous said... your hair looks lovely and the color is so natural. Do you colour it yourself and how often? My locks are just over 1 year old and I would love to experiment with colors.
Great, an easy question! I don't color my hair. To read my earlier post (March 06) on that click Here. From what I've heard, it's okay to color as long as your locks have settled. The advice I've seen over and over again is "Go to a professional who has experience coloring Sisterlocks." Better safe than sorry.

OLIVIA SHAW said... Hi,Your locks are beautiful!!!! Please share the instructions for creating the style pictured in the photo where you are standing with your consultant. I, too have sisterlocks. My locs are a little shorter than your locs and I think I can wear that style too.
Hi Olivia (I love that name!) I achieved that style using a pack of small Soft Spike Curlers. I spritzed my hair with water, as a setting lotion, and rolled my locks according to the instructions. When I took the curlers out the next day, I had these spiral Shirley Temple-esque curls that I chose not to finger comb out.

Southerngirl said... This is the absolutely BEST sisterlock site I have seen. Your tips and insights are a big help. My only problem is I need to find someone that can help me 'groom' my locks. I have lint an a few of them and it is driving me crazy. Any suggestions for getting lint out of my 2-yr old locks? Thanks. Peace. Southerngirl.
Hi Southerngirl, I did a post about how to avoid getting lint in your locks, but alas did not address what to do once the lint is already there. I don't have a ton of experience here so I did a little research. Most sites also focus on prevention, but I found an article about Dreadlock Tips and Guidelines at HumiNature. Scroll down to Problems with Locks and click on Lint.