Summer Curls!

Well I was doing a little light summer house cleaning and came across a set of medium Wrap-a-Locs that I'd received many years ago as a gift. I decided to give them a try. I love them. I don't roll my Sisterlocks often, opting instead for a simple post-shampoo braid out. When I wanna go curly girl I vacillate between pipe cleaners and Soft Spikes rollers (which are great, but not exactly sexy). 

I have to say, really like Wrap-A-Locs vs pipe cleaners more than I thought I would. While the later is very economical, W-A-L's are safe (no pointy ends) and durable (will standup to multiple uses and travel). I used Crinkles & Curls setting lotion right after a wash but usually I just opt for a plain old slightly damp set. Overall, I'm feeling very pleased with the results. #summersexy