The day after the wedding I had the pleasure of having lunch with one of my best friends from grammar school. She happened to catch me on a VH-1clip show, 40 Most Shocking Hair Moments, Googled me and two old friends are reunited!

Who says the internet isn't living up to it's potential?

I included this picture because you'd never know I had curled my locks just the day before! I don't know how you hot climate folks do it! Good thing Sisterlocks look good in all kinds of weather. :-) Posted by Picasa

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cheryl james said...

To: Sister Locks & Leighann

Thank you for the blog regarding our new organization "where there's a need inc."

I am a sister and do appreciate the support.

I just wanted to share that I received a call the other day regarding a woman with dreads who has cancer. She considered cutting them before they begin to fall out during treatment. I recently created a special hair scarf with attached dreads for any sister who may also find herself in this unfortunate situation. There is a photo of the hair scarf on my web site in the special orders section.

Thanks for the support.

Cheryl Y. James
CEO & Founder
where there's a need inc.