My Hair Color

I forgot to mention that I've been using the Sisterlocks Moisturize Treatment for about two months now. It felt like my hair needed a little somethin'-somethin' this winter between the seesaw weather outside and the indoor heat.

Loc'd Yet Free said... Your hair color is beautiful- Born with it? Maybe it's Maybelline? Please share.

This is my natural hair color; if only I knew what that was. (LOL) For simplicity sake I say "brown" but if you see my locks up close you can tell I've got a bit of a rainbow thing going on. The lower third of my locks are a lighter color than the top. And the edges are off in their own little world. Luckily this doesn't bother me.

I was born with what appeared to be jet black hair, which quickly lightened to a sandy reddish color and then gradually darkened again as I got older. Go figure. I'm sure it'll get even more interesting when the gray comes in.

Perhaps those with more hair knowledge can tell me why my lower locks are lighter than the top. Just natural hair color? Too much exposure to the sun? Hard water? (PHOTO: Me at age 3 or 4, and our beloved dog, Buttsie!)

As far as professional coloring goes, I am way to chicken! I'll leave that to the folks with stronger nerves than mine. Now I can "hear" some of you asking: "Aren't you going to color when you start to go gray?"

Although, as a woman, I reserve the right to change my mind about this issue, at the moment the answer is a resounding no. My Mom was born with gray hair; a little patch in the middle of her head. Consequently, I've always thought of gray hair as regal and beautiful. One time, back when I used to get my hair braided, I had a few strands of gray braided in as sort of a tribute to her. No special reason; me and Mom are just tight like that.

Quiet as it's kept, I've already got a few strands of gray. Three to be exact. Nobody sees them but me, but I know they're there. I got them the year I got married! I tease my husband and say he caused them. But then he points to his gray filled beard and says "That's all you!" Well, I never claimed to be a low maintenance woman, but he knew what he was getting in to. :-)


Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Wow! Your hair color has really changed over the years..but still beautiful as ever.

I especially like the "little girl" photo with pooch. Do you remember his/her name?

You really have aging to look forward to seeing that your mom is so jazzy. BTW a.k.a Jada, is your hubby and Tom Arnold brothers?

Tra said...

Girl aren't we all just a bit high maintenace (lol)? I agree your mom has it going on! I love her hair and her style!

brunsli said...

Your mom's hair is beautiful and regal. And yours in loooong! I guess I am used to seeing it curled.

You and your doggies are so cute!

I hope that Breadfruit doens't read this post and realize where his greys are coming from.

Loc'd Yet Free said...

Leighann, I must admit that I was realllly hoping that your hair color came from the bottle....should've known! Thanks for sharing the photos, your Mom looks like a Queen!

lisa said...

you were such a cute little girl too! If hair color changes, do you think I can ask God for some Auburn right about now?? teehee

Maryee said...

Just popping in. Cute pics!!

AFunkyKindaGlow said...

I always knew my grey's were not caused by age !

Lovely pics

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