Lint (Plus Addendum)

Dee said... i think your locks are beautiful and well maintained. I would like to know if you ever get the odd bit of lint trapped in your locks and how do you deal with getting it out.

(PHOTO: Taken this past Saturday at the Halifax Comedy Festival in Nova Scotia.)

Hi Dee,

I think I've been very fortunate on the lint front for a few reasons.
1. I try not to wear a lot of fabrics that attract lint. I gave away a beautiful hat and scarf set that I got as a gift last year because it was a shaggy/furry material that shed worse than a cat.

2. I use a lint roller on my clothes (when needed) and even have a travel size "lint licker" in my purse.

3. I don't use oily products (grease, butters, waxes, pomades, anything sticky) that create buildup and/or attract lint. Keep it simple.

4. I cover my locks at night with my L.B. Soc.

5. (And this is the most embarrasing to admit.) I suffer from a severe case of "Hands-in-the-hair-itis." I check my locks so much you'd think they were under surveillance. I do get the occassional piece of lint, but through my vanity and vigilance it doesn't get a chance to settle in. This may also be a side bonus to not having thick hair. Fewer locks, means fewer places for lint and debris to hide.

6. Just thought about this one: I have a three-panelled mirror* in my bathroom that when opened allows me to see the sides of my hair. For a back view, I have a hand mirror that I hold up to let me see all angles. If the style doesn't look good coming and going what's the point. (That goes back to the whole vanity thing. :-)

*ADDENDUM (5/3/06): To be more accurate, the mirror in my bathroom is called a Tri View Medicine Cabinet. The one pictured in the link is better than mine, because of the row of lights on top. An even nicer looking mirror can be found at Home Depot.

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Charis said...

Where can I get one of those mirrors?

Charis said...

Great picture too.

Goodnapps said...

Good tips. I'll have to buy a purse size lint roller. I haven't had much lint lately myself. Probably cause I have #5 pretty bad too.

Leighann said...

Thanks ladies. I actually did a clarification in the post that the mirror is a tri-view medicine cabinet.

Ree-C said...

That purse size lint roller is a great idea. I don't get much lint, but just in case. You're always so helpful with your tips.

Anonymous said...

Your posts are so interesting and colorful! Your love of writing shows through. I find myself checking out the drama you and your hair go through. My locks are three weeks (508 count). My neck and back was hurting for a few days, but I welcome every little one of my villagers!

onyxcherry said...

How did you choose a consultant to install your sisterlocks in the beginning? Did you research them or look at their previous work?There are so many talented consultants in the NYC area I do not know how to decide which one will give me the perfect set of sisterlocks.

Anonymous said...

your hair looks lovely and the color is so natural. Do you colour it yourself and how often? My locks are just over 1 year old and I would love to experiment with colurs.

Annie R said...

Leighann, I just want to tell you how beautiful your dress is. Your mom was right in choosing that dress for you. ~Annie~

DuduOmoOniDada said...

Thanks for this topic. i was just wondering how to get rid of my lints. whew!