It's Been A Long Time...

"...I shouldn't have left you,
without a cool blog to step to..."

You Old School Rap fans might recognize this paraphrasing from Erik B & Rakim's "I Know You Got Soul" on the "Paid in Full" album, 1987! (Ah, the 80's.)

Hey Everybody!

Yes indeed it has truly been a long time since my last post. I've been super busy but some recent concerned e-mails from my fellow Sisterlocks Sisters & Bloggers (you know who you are :-) have made it quite clear: that's NO EXCUSE. I should at least be doing a monthly update. Agreed! I feel cared for and chastised at the same time! :-)

I will try to do better.

My Little Old Man
One of the reasons I've been so busy is that my husband and I adopted a seven-year old, special needs Cocker Spaniel named Rolie. After two operations on his ears, he's semi deaf. He takes Thryoid medication every other day and while he's house broken, he's had a few accidents in the house due to illness. My rug will never be the same. Now I work harder than ever because apparently dog food costs money. :-)

But lest you think it's all gloom and doom, let me assure you Rolie is a handsome, sweet and shy dog who loves taking us for walks in the park. My Little Old Man loves apples, bananas and chewing gum. He's clearly not supposed to have the latter, but he's always trying to steal a pack out of my purse.

As any animal lover knows, caring for a young, healthy dog takes time; a special little old guy like Rolie, even more so. But he's so adorable, with the most soft and lush coat of fur I have ever seen. Unfortunately, his hair is way too soft for Brotherlocks.

Speaking of locks, as of this past July mine are now five years old. And I can honestly say I am more happy now than ever that I chose Sisterlocks! Not only because it's the best decision I've ever made about my hair, but because of the community of people I have come to know on and off line.

You ladies are amazing!

Thank you sooooo much to all of you who e-mailed to check up on me and say hello while I've been absent from the blogosphere. I appreciate that more than you know.

I'm also pleased to see that so many people find my blog so useful. All the thank you e-mails have been very uplifting! You're all very welcome!!!!

It's nice to be back and I promise not to be gone so long!

(Note: In the two above photos my locks are freshly washed and unstyled. The dog is freshly groomed.)