4-Yr SL Anniversary!

For my 4yr SL anniversary weekend I went to the International African Arts Festival in Brooklyn, NY. I wasn't able to stay long, (many July 4th BBQs to attend) but I was in heaven seeing all the locks and natural styles. I had sported my brand new, one-day-old SL's there four years ago, and I can't believe how time flies.

I stopped at a booth that sold beautiful handcrafted leather hair accessories and treated myself to two hair ties. I sat down and the lady demonstrated on my locks how to tie it and get four different styles/looks! (Nobody has touched my hair other than me and my consultant, but this lady was very familiar with SLs and quite gentle.) I have since gotten rid of all the pitiful elastic hair ties that I've been making do with.

Bonus: While I was in the booth I met a lady from Philly who's also a member of Lockitup! (Her name escapes me at the moment, :-( but I still wanted to give her a Shoutout!) We took a picture and chatted like we've known each other for years. So I really thank Sandy for creating our SL cyber family. Actually getting to meet a new person from Lockitup really made my day. In short, it was a great anniversary.