Addendum: Bejoran Earrings?

At 9:38 AM, sunsail asked ...
Live long and prosper, chile! ... Where did you get the Bejoran earrings??

Believe it or not, I found them years ago at the one and only Star Trek convention I ever went to here in New York. I was quite a trip. Those folks are SERIOUS. I over heard a husband and wife arguing at the convention. She was just a bit pissed that he had spent $2,000 on Star Trek TNG captain's uniform.


"Hailing Frequencies Open, Captain."

On Halloween, I dressed up as Lieutenant Uhura from The Original Star Trek. In lieu of a wig I sported an updo; an adorned bun. Fellow Trekkies may notice that I'm sporting Bejoran ear cuffs which actually don't appear until Star Trek: The Next Generation; specifically Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. (Benjamin Sisko -- Avery Brooks -- was the sexiest Captain, ever! You might recall him as Hawk, from Spencer For Hire.) Hope you had a Happy Halloween!