4/17 & 18 Leighann Lord @ The Comedy Zone DC

Hey DC Fans! FINALLY! I’m performing at The Comedy Zone DC, 4/17 & 18! 2 shows @ night! Get your tix today!


Summer Curls!

Well I was doing a little light summer house cleaning and came across a set of medium Wrap-a-Locs that I'd received many years ago as a gift. I decided to give them a try. I love them. I don't roll my Sisterlocks often, opting instead for a simple post-shampoo braid out. When I wanna go curly girl I vacillate between pipe cleaners and Soft Spikes rollers (which are great, but not exactly sexy). 

I have to say, really like Wrap-A-Locs vs pipe cleaners more than I thought I would. While the later is very economical, W-A-L's are safe (no pointy ends) and durable (will standup to multiple uses and travel). I used Crinkles & Curls setting lotion right after a wash but usually I just opt for a plain old slightly damp set. Overall, I'm feeling very pleased with the results. #summersexy


My Lock Anniversary! Lucky #13

Today is my Sisterlocks anniversary. Thirteen years ago I sat down in Khumura's chair and got up two days later a free woman. I STILL believe this THE BEST thing I've EVER done for and with my hair. I'd do it again in a heartbeat, only sooner. Much sooner!


My Maya Angelou

We lost The Phenomenal Woman, Maya Angelou, this week. Please enjoy my article in the Huffington Post about the one and only time I met her.

 My Maya Angelou


You've Got Questions...

I received an email from Brenda who has an appointment next week to get her Sisterlocks! Woo-Hoo! She had tons of questions and tried to have answers. I post them here for the benefit of all. Enjoy! 

Did you do anything or spray moisturized your locks when you got them?
When I first got my locks, I did NOT moisturize them with anything other than water. (Still don't!) My hair is very soft and took a long time to lock. Moisturizing/conditioning would have further softened my hair and lengthened the locking process.


Flash Back: The Def Comedy Jam (Pre-Sisterlocks!)

A fan contacted me on Twitter (thank you @KillahCam52) to say that he was watching me on Def Comedy Jam. It inspired me reach back into my archives and dig out this photo taken during the taping oh so many moons ago.

Photo Facts
What:      Taping of Def Comedy All Star Jam
When:     November 1995
Where:    Academy Theatre, NYC

What’s up with the Hair: Pre Sisterlocks
By 1995 I’d been natural for a while alternating between braids and my signature DIY (Do It Yourself) two-strand twists. In this photo I’d recently had a drastic hair cut. The scissor happy hairstylist at a salon in Harlem convinced me that I had the worst split ends in Christendom and that I desperately needed a trim. A trim turned into a chop and I was exceedingly unhappy. I complained bitterly for months afterwards that thought I looked like a boy.  Ridiculous, I know. But that’s how I felt.


Curly Loc Day!

Comedian Leighann Lord on Stage in NYC
Leighann Lord on stage April 2013 at Harlem Mist