Sisterlocks Overview

2001 and 2005
These two pictures are the short and sweet version of where I started and where I am now. I myself am amazed at how much my locks have grown and changed in four years.


My Sisterlocks Stats

Started: 7/1/01 with Five - Seven inches of all natural hair

Time: Two days

Preferred Tool: Nappy Locs Tool (small)

Retightening Schedule: I do it myself about every four weeks.

My Consultant: My Sisterlocks were put in by the fabulous Khumura Khumnetertauset! I can't say enough about this woman. She is very thorough, professional and a joy to know. I am proud to call her my consultant and my friend. Khumura didn't just put in my locks and retighten them, she monitored my soft and fine hair very closely in that first year, doing grooming and maintenance as necessary to avoid any major problems before they started. She laid a strong foundation so that I could enjoy the healthy and beautiful locks I have now. Khumura taught me how to retighten my hair and took my panicked phone calls when I thought I had "messed it up." She also made time to see me when I inadvertently joined a couple of locks. Her care and attentiveness to detail is unmatched. While Khumura is no longer with Sisterlocks (she decided to leave the company) she now runs Innovative Haircare Solutions in Orange, NJ and can be reached at urban_elegance@yahoogroups.com or 973-676-4813.

Favorite Shampoos:

  • Dr. Bronner's Pepperment Soap (Diluted)
  • Baby Dreadz by http://www.nappynhappy.com/
  • Neutrogena Clean Balance Normalizing Shampoo (Clear)

Favorite Styling Methods:

  • Solar Rollers
  • Twist/Braid Out
  • Freestyle
  • Caruso Steam Rollers: (Not much of a curl, but they do give nice body for a day.)