Q&A: Tool, Lock Size, Color, Curls, Lint

Folks are asking questions faster than I can answer, but I'll try to keep up. I just hope I haven't missed anybody. First and foremost though, a big thanks to everyone who reads my blog! I am so very flattered by the e-mails and positive comments! I really do love having Sisterlocks and if I can help anybody a fraction as much as others have helped me then I'm happy!

Anonymous said... Which tool do you use when your hair gets that long. The one with the clip or the larger tool? I have had my SL only 16 months, I took the retightening class so I maintain my own hair. I have shoulder length SL's but was wondering what to use when it gets to a longer length?
I don't know if there's any correlation between length of hair and what tool you use. For me it's what ever tool is most comfy for ya. I never learned how to use the hook tool, but I still use the clip for the tiny locks around my hair line. My tool of choice, however, is the Nappy Locs tool. LaChanda has a great post with a photo on her blog and a review of the various tools.

Tra said... Hey Leighann, I was browsing your blog "as usual" and I was wondering if your loc size is Micro SL's vs. Standard, etc.? from that pic above they seem to be.
I think on the SL scale they're a combination of micro and small.

Anonymous said... your hair looks lovely and the color is so natural. Do you colour it yourself and how often? My locks are just over 1 year old and I would love to experiment with colors.
Great, an easy question! I don't color my hair. To read my earlier post (March 06) on that click Here. From what I've heard, it's okay to color as long as your locks have settled. The advice I've seen over and over again is "Go to a professional who has experience coloring Sisterlocks." Better safe than sorry.

OLIVIA SHAW said... Hi,Your locks are beautiful!!!! Please share the instructions for creating the style pictured in the photo where you are standing with your consultant. I, too have sisterlocks. My locs are a little shorter than your locs and I think I can wear that style too.
Hi Olivia (I love that name!) I achieved that style using a pack of small Soft Spike Curlers. I spritzed my hair with water, as a setting lotion, and rolled my locks according to the instructions. When I took the curlers out the next day, I had these spiral Shirley Temple-esque curls that I chose not to finger comb out.

Southerngirl said... This is the absolutely BEST sisterlock site I have seen. Your tips and insights are a big help. My only problem is I need to find someone that can help me 'groom' my locks. I have lint an a few of them and it is driving me crazy. Any suggestions for getting lint out of my 2-yr old locks? Thanks. Peace. Southerngirl.
Hi Southerngirl, I did a post about how to avoid getting lint in your locks, but alas did not address what to do once the lint is already there. I don't have a ton of experience here so I did a little research. Most sites also focus on prevention, but I found an article about Dreadlock Tips and Guidelines at HumiNature. Scroll down to Problems with Locks and click on Lint.


brunsli said...

I have a question too... how are you going to celebrate your 5 year SL anniversary?

Leighann said...

You know... I've been thinking about that. I'm not sure. Any ideas?

Cee said...

Your hair is beautiful... I love reading your blog, you keep it up so good.. I started a blog but I don't get many readers and I haven't been as faithful as I should.. I am trying to do better. Your blog was the first one I really started reading and then connected to others from yours. I still haven't figured out how to do the links. We are coming to New York in a couple of weeks do you have any shows going on June 15-18.

Brenda said...

Hey Leighann - we could be hair twins since ours is similar in length and number. How long does it usually take you to do a full retightening? I usually do mine over 4 days in two hour sessions. I think it takes so long because it takes a while to pull 18 inches of hair through multiple times and my arms get tired! I usually use a latchhook because threading each lock into the eye of the Nappy tool just seemed too time consuming. What's your trick for making it go faster? Maybe I'll give it another try.

Anonymous said...

I feel like you are my sistergirl! I am in my second month of sisterlocks. My hair is looking healthier and growing fast. Your blog has been my guidebook. I was wondering if curling your locks with a curling iron damages the lock in any way? -Mena

Anonymous said...

Hi Leighann,

I was wondering, how did you keep your locks thin? from the beginning of your locking journey until now, I have seen many pictures of locks and I noticed that even though some women started out with small locks they got bigger as the hair grew. Do you have any advice?

Thanks so much for your response

Anonymous said...

In general, your blog has been the most informative for me. I've been roaming the web for several weeks and rarely have spent as much time reading through the blogs than I have yours. Thanks for putting good sislocks content out there. I had my consultation, but must wait 6 weeks and I need to keep motivated and educated until the day comes. I'm excited though! PS. Your locks are Bea-U-Tee-Ful! -kicia

Pauline said...

Hi Leighann,
Just found your sight today. I was trying to make a tool that would help me fix the holes in my locks, formed by a locktician tightening through the same hole and direction, rather than following the pattern. It makes no sense what she did to my hair. Anyway, I need a tool with a large hole to fish the hair through, and a sharp point at the other end to go across the hole, pull the hair through, and close up the holes. Do you have any sugestions? February 19th makes 3 years for me, and my hair looks just like yours and about the same length and size. I still have perm on the ends of mine, and I get alot of compliments.

Leighann Lord said...

Pauline, it sounds like the Nappylocks tools is exactly what you need.

Anonymous said...

My SL's are 3 1/2 yrs old and I have one problem that I hope you have a suggestion for. I have frizzy SL and I know I should have wrapped them at nite. I do that now, but want to clean up the frizzy roots. Do you know what will work other than cutting the excess hair off with scissors
Connye in Jax, FL

Anonymous said...

Hi Leighann
I have had my sisterlocks for eight months now and I love them. In the past I would become depressed whenever I was pregnant because my hair would dry out and really take a beating from all the products I would have to use just to keep it from breaking off. I am proud to say that at five months now, I still feel sexy and empowered with my sister locks. I am desperate to keep my sisterlocks, but with a new baby on the way and not working I can't afford the retightening every month. I would love to do it myself and have studied the retightening technique endlessly, but I do not know for sure what type of tool I need or where to find it. I have been warned that if I use the wrong tool I can damage my hair and I don't want to do that. Do you have any suggestions for me? Please help!

Leighann Lord said...

Hi Anonymous,

Congrats on your impending delivery! Glad to hear you're loving your SL's. One of the benefits of Sisterlocks is being able to retighten your own hair, but I understand that cost is an issue right now.

Have you talked to your consultant about this? Is she able to either
1. Give you a discount?
2. Send you to a retightening class or teach you herself? Are you locks mature enough or ready for that?

If not, have you considered going to a trainee in your area?

I'm not sure if the tool really matters, but the proficiency of the person using it. I mainly use the Nappylocks tool and occasionally the clip tool for my little locks around the edges. What's important is that you learn to use whatever tool you choose properly. What you don't want to do is waste the investment you've already made into your locks.

I hope some of these suggestions help.

Congrats again!

Anonymous said...

I'm am look to get sisterlock however I can't locate your sisterlock technician , can you post innovation contact information. Where is she located .

Anonymous said...

thanks for share.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leighann, I was just wondering how many locks you have? Forgive me if this is posted elsewhere. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous!

Leighann Lord said...

Thanks for the compliment. I don't have a lot of locks since my hair is quick soft and fine. I think the last time I've counted, which was a long time ago, I had a little over 300.

Leighann Lord said...

Thanks for the compliment. I don't have a lot of locks since my hair is quick soft and fine. I think the last time I've counted, which was a long time ago, I had a little over 300.

Anonymous said...

Cool, cool. Thanks for the reply! :)