Transition to Sisterlocks

Pnk-e Asked: What I am looking for now are stories of women who transitioned from natural hair to SLs and why they feel there is a benefit (or the opposite) to being locked as opposed to being natural.

You know, I never thought of it as transitioning, but I guess it really was. I’d worn my hair natural for years. I was fiercely proud of my natural (sometimes to the point of zealotry; thankfully I know better now) and the fact that I did my hair myself. Admittedly there were some bad hair days, but that’s what hats and headbands were for! (PHOTO: Old headshot circa 1998 with what was then my signature two strand twists. I know now that I could have just started locking this way, but I have NO regrets that I chose Sisterlocks.)

When I discovered Sisterlocks I knew they were for me. Learned about them in May 2001; had them by July. The benefits?

Reduced maintenance and reliance on products.
I retighten my own hair and don’t really NEED anything but a good shampoo, and occasional conditioner and a spritz.

The ability to wash my hair without it being an all day project.
I did my hair every two weeks on a Sunday. And it took ALL DAY to comb out the twists, wash it, blow dry it out (mistake) and retwist it. I’m tired just thinking about it.

True versatility and freedom!
Freestyling, curling, walking in the rain, going swimming, (theoretically) working out ... My hair does not stop me.

Actually seeing my hair grow and knowing it's MY hair!
Before locks my hair it seemed to get to a certain length and stop. Now I know it wasn’t some predetermined genetic code, but all the combing, blow drying and product slathering.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my hair before locks. It was empowering and I consider it a crucial step in my personal development. I sorely needed to know the feel of my natural hair, and how to maintain it with no chemical alterations or added hair. [I wore braids for a long time, (another step in the process) but after a while – to quote Ntozake Shange"I was missing something. Something so important."] Locks have deepened my love, knowledge and appreciation of natural hair. I wish I had done it sooner, but nothing comes before it's time.


brunsli said...

Awesome upside-down shot!

lashaune said...

Nice very nice shot of your beautiful babies!

Tra said...

Girl now why did you have to go and do us like that (lol). That is a great shot of your locs!
I still have to do my daughter's hair every few weeks so that take down and re-twist/braid process is still ever present in my life....at least my arms don't get sore doing her hair.


Charis said...

Your SL's are so beautiful. They seem so shiny and healthy. Do you really just shampoo and go? I've been SL'd for almost 2 years, retightening myself, etc. I was considering using oils, hot oil treatments, etc., but your hair is making me reconsider some things. What is your hair care regime?

~ZELLA~ said...

Beautiful, just BEAU-TI-FUL!!!!!

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

Vee said...

WOW you making me green over hear lol. Your hair is fabulous as always.

Pnk-e said...

That picture is amazing! Perfect shot to advertise Sisterlocks. Funny thing Leighann, as much as they say that you should not compare your hair to another's I always kept my eyes on yours as the eventual prize. But me doing that is like looking at a 4'10", petite, size 4 shoe woman and thinking that would be me one day. It ain't gonna happen!

LOL, I am now clear that your hair is not a possibility for me. I love, love, love, the look of your locs! Love them. Wait did I say, I LOVE THEM? I am sure you get my drift.

I guess I had to get locs to know that my hair is just not the type of hair that the locs are going to fall beautifully like yours. I instead have a big ole "puffy" head of locs because my hair is so thick and I guess because the locs have not condensed even after two years. When I bend forward, they stand up, not loop and cascade in beautiful ringlets like yours. I am sure as a comedian you can appreciate that.

I am feeling out of love with my locs. But as I honestly evaluate my locs, I have to ask "did I ever love MY locs of did I love the perception of what I thought my locs would be?". Sounds like a blog topic for me.

Thanks for giving my locs that last minute reprieve. Upon receipt of your email notifying us of this recent blog, I had literally just finished cutting out one loc to determine how much new growth I had. Prior to your posting my locs had to be feeling like 'dead men walking'. Yes my locs do have feelings. They must because they do their own thing.

I appreciate your post and still admire your hair on the daily.

Goodnapps said...

Leighann you have such an elegant yet down to earth way with your posts. Your hair is beautiful as usual from all angles.

mytruehair.com said...

your hair looks maticulously groomed.I love it!

mytruehair.com said...

I got your e-mail, thanks for the compliment. Yes I did layer cut my Sisterlocks myself. I needed a new look, pregnancy blues!

AFunkyKindaGlow said...

Loving the shot.... u sure there is no oil in there???

Sharon said...

Hi Leighann,
Your SLs are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS...nuff said :)

Luvi's Locs said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!

Theresa Anderson said...

Your hair is absolutely beautiful such an inspiration for anyone who is contemplating getting Sisterlocks ! My Sisterlocks were born the day after my birthday August 18th 2016 and I love love love them! thank you for your blog­čśë

Theresa Anderson said...

Your hair is absolutely beautiful such an inspiration for anyone who is contemplating getting Sisterlocks ! My Sisterlocks were born the day after my birthday August 18th 2016 and I love love love them! thank you for your blog­čśë

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