No Oil? How Do You Moisturize?

AFunkyKindaGlow said...
... No oil what do you use to moisturise? did I miss something?

Good question. In the early days of Sisterlocks (until they settle) we're instructed not to use any oils as it might inhibit the locking process. Sounds weird, I know, but it worked. Luckily, my scalp produced enough oil naturally, when allowed to breathe.

Nowawdays, if my locks or scalp feel a little dry I'll spray them with little water; sometimes with a little rose water mixed in.

Lately I've been using the Sisterlocks Moisture Treatment. So far, I like it.


lisa said...

Leighann- Great blog.. I have learned a lot from it and you have beautiful SL's. I am just curious about your locking experience, when would you say you began locking? When did it finally lock from "root" to end? Thanks, again beautiful hair!

Monique said...

Leighann, I get my lock put in tommorow and your site is so useful! I love the "hot" links throughout your text and your comments. I will check back in since I also intend to document my experience on the web. It was also helpful to see the finished product on someone with soft hair. That has been my number one concern! Thank you SO much for sharing. Question also: I live in Michigan ( I am also going to email Sandy) and my scalp is REALLY dry as in dandruff dry, is there anything I can use in the beginning to help?

AFunkyKindaGlow said...

This is going to be the first sister lock rule, I will break!!!
I'm addicted to spraying my hair with oil.....
If I go out without it.... I feel naked :o(