Soft Spike Heaven!

Well I finally ordered a set of Soft Spike Curlers; two sets of small curlers (60) and two sets of large (24) because I wasn't sure which size would work best for me. They arrived on Tuesday and I finally put them to the test today.

I washed my hair and let it air dry while I wrapped Christmas presents. Just before it was totally dry I set my locks on about 30 of the small curlers. I tried to use as few locks on each curler as possible and it looks like one package of 30 is all I need. The extra set will go right in my travel bag.

They're comfortable enough to sleep on it but I thought six hours was long enough for a first trial. I took them out and was amazed to see a head full of Shirley Temple-esque curls. Somebody get me some tap shoes!!!!

I finger combed out my locks and voila -- super curls!!! I likey much! I was so excited I didn't even stop to put in my contact lenses. I usually hate pictures of me in my glasses but I wanted to get a photo before my curls fell. :-)

While I get the best sets by rolling my locks after washing, I wonder if using setting lotion will give my curls some longevity. That'll be my next experiment. From recommendations, I've got two to put to the test: Elasta QP Design Foam and Crinkles & Curls.

My Roller Ratings (In Order of Preference):
1. Soft Spikes: Easy to use and comfortable to sleep on.
2. Twist Flex Rods: Cheap; easy to use; durable, moderately comfortable;
3. Solar Rollers: Easy to use, comfortable, but flimsy. They tear easily on the ends after several uses.

The Flex Rods I use are blue, and the Solar Rollers are gold. I love the fact that the Soft Spikes can be ordered in various colors, including black! Yes I ordered all my spikes black. A head full of colorful curlers feels... well... undignified and very unsexy. Yes, I'm vain. I'm okay with it though. I'll let it go when I'm 80. Who am I kidding. No I won't. :-) Posted by Picasa


NaturalyFree said...

OMG, Leighann, I love it. I can't wait, I can't wait until I can start doing styles like this.

Merry Christmas,
Naturaly Free

brunsli said...


Your curls are too fabulous!!

Are you sure NY is ready for this look?? You may have to come straight to Hollywood!!

Jena Evans said...


I am just thinking bo-ing bo-ing bo-ing... loving the curls, gurl... Too cute!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Naturalist1 said...

Your hair is gorgeous. I have to get me some. Wait, I have to wait til my hair grow some more, LOL.

kemicutie said...

Wow!!! Your curls are so beautiful! Alright, I'm going to buy my soft spike curlers now before they get discontinued like the Caruso steam rollers! I'm a believer!!

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Ok, that's it, I'm ordering mine today! Love the look!!!

KDL said...

I love it!!! Your hair looks so full and feminine. I think I've just found my new look. Thanks for sharing!

Chi-chi said...

Wow! Your hair is off the chain! I really love it, I can't wait for my hair to lock up and grow. Thanks for the inspiration (:


Leighann said...

Thanks Ladies! I appreciate the compliments! I did some last minute shopping with my Mom today and she kept telling how much she loves this look on me. And Mom's a tough one to please. She's a sweetie (generally), but she's not one to toss out compliments she doesn't sincerely mean. :-)

Happy Holidays!

toy said...

hi Leighann,

thanks for the wonderful compliment in my album. i must say that your locs are absotively beautiful, and i listened to a portion of your video on www.veryfunnylady.com and you are...well...a very funny lady!!

i also love your product reviews. i'll be visiting your site regularly.

Jazzilocs said...


Ur hair is so regal!!! I am off to buy some of these bc u are the third person w/ locs that has achieved these beautiful curls!!

Jeri said...

Inspired by your curls, I whipped out my Spikes, too. It was over 18 months the last time I used them, but I loved the curls over my usual Solar Rollers. You know I'm a styling junkie!! In any case, you look lovely--as usual.

Maryee said...

OK, I'm wayyyyy behind on my blog reading. Leighann, thank you so much for showing us these really cool pictures! I'm beyond stoked. I want to curl my like that and get those spike curlers like yesterday! Let me gone list something on Ebay so I can have some spendin' money! Man! Beautiful!!!

Jazzilocs said...


I am dying to know how long those curls lasted!! My curlers came in the mail today and I can't wait to get home :)I sent the originator of soft spikes an email when I ordered and she was very interested in how African American women are finding use for her curlers. So you know I went and gathered some info/links etc. to let her know.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leighann:
I love your hair and seriously considering sister locks.Have you had any negative reactions? I'm dating a caucasian man who loves my hair straight, what did your husband say when you decided to set out on your sisterlock journey? Hope I'm not being to personal..

Sheila said...


I am so grateful to you for the soft spike curlers you discovered. This is the first time I have had such a tight full set of curls. Good looking out!

Anonymous said...

I've been sisterlocked since 8/2000 and mine are about as numerous and long as yours. I was contemplating a cut cuz it's sooo much hair, but now that I see your curls, I'm inspired. I looked for curlers that would give me that look, but like you, the solar curlers didn't work well. I'm ordering my spike rollers NOW. Thanks. I'll be watching for more from you.

oshunbaby said...

your hair is goregous!!!! I will sisterloc in two years or so (got other things goin' on spiritually) and You Be Da' inspiration Sista!!

Anonymous said...

What the heck!!! I want my hair to look like that :O(. Ok, I'm only 3 months in so I got some time, but I'm lovin' the look.
Rosa -

Steve Moss said...

Leighann, thanks for the information on the Soft Spike Hair Curlers. I quoted some of your opinions on this page: http://www.b4usa.com/soft-spikes-hair-curlers/

Have a great day and always try to buy American made product.

Steve Moss

Leighann Lord said...

Thanks a lot Steve!